We’ve compiled a handy summary of research, with a particular focus on reports that include coverage of the Australian coworking industry.

If you know of other useful research not listed below, please let us know!

Global Coworking Growth Study 2019


Coworking Resources.

Australia is ranked as the sixth fastest-growing market for coworking (see table 5). Melbourne is ranked as the 9th top city in the world for coworking; Sydney is ranked 13th; and Brisbane is ranked 46th (see tables 6 and 7).

Year of publication: 2019.

A theory of coworking: entrepreneurial communities, immaterial commons and working futures


Julian Maurice Waters-Lynch. School of Management, College of Business, RMIT University.

Year of publication: 2018.

Coworking and an outer-urban community: what can we learn from a grassroots community coworking hub?


Dr Emsie Arnoldi (RMIT University), Dr Rachelle Bosua (University of Melbourne), Associate-Professor Vanessa Cooper (RMIT University), Associate-Professor Cathy Greenfield (RMIT University) and Dr Huck-Ying Ch’ng (RMIT University).

Year of publication: 2018.

APAC Flex Market – The fastest growing region in the world


The Instant Group

Year of publication: 2018.

CBRE Pacific Corporate Coworking Survey – The Future is Flexible



Year of publication: 2018.

The Flexible Workspace Outlook Report 2019: APAC


Colliers International.

Year of publication: 2019.

The Flexible Workspace Outlook Report 2018: APAC


Colliers International.

Year of publication: 2018.

The Flexible Workspace Outlook Report 2017: APAC


Colliers International.

Year of publication: 2017.

The Australian Coworking Market Report 2018-2019


Office Hub.

Year of publication: 2019.

The Australian Coworking Market Report 2017-2018


Office Hub.

Year of publication: 2018.

Coworking Spaces Australia: The new places where people work, businesses grow, and corporates connect.


Tim Mahlberg and Kai Riemer. University of Sydney Business School.

Year of publication: 2017.

Culture Clash: Flexible workspace, coworking & the future


Kimberley Paterson and John Preece. Knight Frank.

Year of publication: 2017.

Smart work hubs: The benefits, potential demand and possible models


Direct link to report: https://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/146776/Smart-work-hubs-report.pdf

Associate Professor Martin Fitzgerald, Dr Ashish Malik and Dr P J Rosenberger III. The University of Newcastle.

Year of publication: 2017.

The future of work and workplace


JLL Australia.

Year of publication: 2016.

Startup Muster

2018 Report


See pages: 12, 18, 24, 29 and 31.

Year of publication: 2018.

2017 Report


See pages: 10, 12, 24 and 25.

Year of publication: 2017.

2016 Report


See pages: 8, 9, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 24.

Year of publication: 2017.

2015 Report


See pages: 7 and 16.

Year of publication: 2015.

StartupAUS Crossroads

2018 Report: Crossroads V


See pages: 6 (page 4 in PDF document); 24 and 25 (13 in PDF); 44 (23 in PDF); 57 (29 in PDF); 65 (33 in PDF); 66 (34 in PDF); 70 (36 in PDF); and 76 (39 in PDF).

Startup Genome

Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2019


Startup Genome.

Brief mention of coworking, see page: 131 (focus on Sydney).

Year of publication: 2019.

Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018: Succeeding in the New Era of Technology


Startup Genome.

See page: 198 (focus on Melbourne).

Year of publication: 2018.