Creating your account …free!

Creating an account on is free.

You can sign up here. Under the heading ‘Sign up for’, simply enter your email address, choose a Username  (Display Name) and a password for your account.

The Username you choose will also be the Display Name shown on your profile – so choose carefully!

Listing your coworking space …free!

Listing your coworking space on is super easy (and free!).

While logged in to your account, simply click on the ‘List‘ link in the main navigation area, or select ‘New Listing‘ from your ‘Account’ navigation menu.

Coworking spaces: using our optional bookings feature

The bookings feature is an optional component of our services. It allows site users (workers) to book and pay for the use of coworking spaces listed on

If you choose to use our bookings feature for your coworking space(s), we’ll take care of the transaction processing, customer invoices, booking emails, booking reminders, etc.

Our booking fee is outlined here.

You don’t have to use our bookings feature, it’s entirely optional. You can also link to your existing bookings page instead – it’s your listing, so it’s your call.

If you would like to accept bookings for your coworking space(s) via, the first step is to complete the simple form here. You’ll need to be logged in to your account to view and submit the form.

For further details, please see our How it works page and our Terms and Conditions.