Booking fee

The bookings feature is an optional component of our services. It allows people to book and pay for the use of coworking spaces listed on

The booking fee is currently 7% of the booking total for each transaction, plus Goods and Services Tax (GST). This fee is all inclusive of the fees charged by our payment service providers (Stripe and PayPal).

The rates for booking a coworking space are set by our coworking space listers, not by us. The booking prices shown on are inclusive of our booking fee and GST as applicable.

We disburse booking payments to our coworking space listers seven days after the applicable check-in date(s), minus our booking fee (plus GST).

Example booking scenario

Let’s say you create a booking option for your coworking space with a daily rate of $55 GST inclusive for use of a desk at your coworking space.

Jane visits and books a desk at your coworking space for two days, on the 5th and 6th of February.

The booking total is $110 for the two day period.

The funds for this booking are disbursed to you one week after check-in, on the 12th of February, minus our booking fee ($7.70) and GST ($0.77), a deduction of $8.47 in total. You opted to receive booking payments via bank deposit, so $101.53 is deposited directly into your account.

For further details, please see our How it works page and our Terms and Conditions.