Finding and booking coworking space

To find a coworking space, simply enter a suburb, city or street address in our search tool.

The search results will list all the coworking spaces in your desired location.

You can further refine the results by using our search filters.


You can contact the managers of the coworking space using the details on their listing.

You can also contact coworking spaces using our private messaging system, if you login to your account (it’s free to sign up if you don’t have an account). From your private messaging dashboard, you can track all your communications with coworking spaces.

Favourite coworking spaces

If you want to save your favourite coworking spaces for future reference, simply click the heart icon on the coworking space listing (while logged in on your account).

If you don’t have a account, sign up here (it’s free).

You can access your favourites at any time here. You can also add notes to each of your favourites if you wish.

Listing your coworking space on

Create your account (free!)

Sign up for an account on here. Under the heading ‘Sign up for’, simply enter your email address, choose a Username  (Display Name) and a password for your account.

The Username you choose will also be the Display Name shown on your profile – so choose carefully!

Creating an account on is free.

List your coworking space on (free!)

Listing your coworking space on is super easy (and free!). While logged in to your account, simply click on the ‘List‘ link in the main navigation area, or select ‘New Listing‘ from your ‘Account’ navigation menu.

Our listing creation system will guide you through the process, with handy hints for each field.

When your newly created listing is submitted, it will be queued for review by our team. This is just a quality control measure to prevent any spammers or scammers. Listings will be approved within 24 hours, but are typically approved much faster, usually shortly after submission.

You can also edit your listing(s) at any time from your account.

Organisations with multiple coworking spaces can add additional coworking spaces using the same account. There’s no restriction on the number of coworking spaces associated with each account. You can also create separate accounts for each coworking space if you prefer – it’s your call.