In an article by Alan Deans, Money Magazine examines the rapid growth of the coworking phenomenon in Australia.

It’s no longer enough for today’s office owners to lease floor space and provide basic services such as lighting and cleaning – at least not if their tenants are millennials. The younger generation simply don’t like being pigeonholed as tenants, or shoved into a sterile room for eight hours a day talking only to their workmates.

Hub Australia CEO and Founder, Brad Krauskopf, shares some insights on managing a highly successful coworking community.

“People have their own space”, Krauskopf explains of how Hub, with premises now in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, goes about doing things. “[But]they want to be part of something bigger. Our focus is on creating the connections between those businesses. That’s the key differentiator.”

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Article image: Hub Southern Cross (696 Bourke Street, Melbourne)

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