What does the term ‘coworking’ mean?

Check out our explanation here: What is coworking?

How much does it cost to create a coworking.com.au account? Spoiler alert: nothing.

Creating an account on coworking.com.au is free.

How much does it cost to list my coworking space on coworking.com.au? Spoiler alert: nothing.

Listing your coworking space on coworking.com.au is free (and super easy).

For more details on listing your coworking space(s), see our How it works page.

Are there are any specific requirements that spaces need to meet to list on coworking.com.au?

There are no specific requirements. We know that each space is unique!

As long as the space allows for coworking (see our definition here) and is located in Australia – you’re good to go!

Our listing creation system has lots of flexibility to account for the wide variety of coworking spaces; and handy hints for each field will guide you through the process. Adding your coworking space(s) is super easy.

I uploaded high resolution photos of our coworking space: can I get copies of the original (unoptimised) files?

Background info: image optimisation

We periodically optimise the images on coworking.com.au (i.e. when a new listing is added or when new images are added to an existing listing). This simply means that we reduce the file size of images, which results in a dramatic improvement to page loading time, with virtually no impact on image quality. The difference between an original image and an optimised image is often indistinguishable. The width and height (pixel dimensions) of images is not changed by the optimisation process. If an image is 700kb or greater in file size, then it’s likely that the image will be automagically optimised at the time of listing creation or during the next cycle. Applicable images are only optimised once.


Now, back to the question at hand… yes you can!

We have the original files (as uploaded) of every image that’s optimised. We would be happy to provide you with copies of all of your original image files. Simply contact our friendly support team and we’ll sort it out for you.

Do you accept advertisers/sponsors/supporters?

Yes, we partner with organisations that align with the interests of our community. See our Community Partnerships page for more details.

Who owns and operates coworking.com.au?

coworking.com.au is a registered Australian business, trading under Australian Business Number: 74561448644.

The business was founded by Luke Summers and launched in January 2018.

coworking.com.au is 100% Australian owned and operated.

You can read more about us here.

What are the Terms and Conditions of using the coworking.com.au website?

Our Terms and Conditions are outlined here.

Is this website secure?

Yes it is, we take security very seriously.

Securely hosted in Australia

  • The coworking.com.au website is hosted by VentraIP Australia, the largest privately owned web host and domain name registrar in Australia.
  • Our website is hosted from servers located in Australia and is protected by multiple layers of security.

SSL encryption

  • We use an SSL Certificate to encrypt the connection between your web browser and the coworking.com.au website.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes we do, our Privacy Policy is outlined here.