1 – Be respectful and courteous

This is the guiding principle of coworking space etiquette.

Be respectful and courteous to your fellow workers, coworking space staff and managers.

Get this wrong and you probably won’t be welcomed back!

2 – Watch your noise level

It’s not a library, some noise is to be expected, but you shouldn’t be creating noise that distracts other workers. It’s a space for working!

Some coworking spaces have dedicated phone rooms or booths, to prevent phone conversations from disturbing other workers. If the coworking space has these dedicated phone areas, be sure to use them.

If you love listening to your favourite tunes while you work – good headphones will be essential kit for you. Blaring music from your player without headphones is a big no-no.

3 – Leave drama at the front door

We all have our ups and downs in life, but it’s important to leave any drama at the door, meaning it shouldn’t impact on your fellow workers.

If you’re facing challenging times, consider talking with a friend or family member.

If you’re experiencing depression or anxiety, you can contact beyondblue for support. The beyondblue Support Service is delivered by trained mental health professionals and is completely confidential. Millions of Australians experience depression or anxiety. Last year 150,000 people in Australia contacted beyondblue.

4 – Leave no trace

You’re using a shared space, so make sure you leave it clean and tidy for the next person. This means all of the amenities that you use, including your desk and communal areas like the kitchen.

If you leave a mess from making and eating your lunch, then the next worker has to deal with it; and that’s not very fair!

5 – Don’t hog the shared amenities

Being a shared working environment, there’s an expectation that everyone will have equitable access to the shared amenities, such as meeting rooms, printers, showers etc.

If your continual use of a shared resource is preventing others from using it, you won’t win many friends.

A common issue is workers regularly overbooking meeting rooms, or overstaying their allotted time; which impacts on other workers that would like to use the meeting rooms.

6 – Bring your own office supplies (items not supplied by the coworking space)

There are some office supplies, such as printer paper, that coworking spaces will often supply for their workers. Other items, such as pens, calculators and staplers, are likely to be BYO.

If you have to borrow an item from a fellow worker (ask politely of course), then make sure you return it in a timely manner and in the condition that they lent it to you!

Definitely do not simply take an item without asking, it’s rude at best and stealing at worst.

7 – The headphones signal and other signs that people don’t want to be disturbed

If someone has headphones on, they probably don’t want to be disturbed. Likewise, if someone has their office or meeting room door closed, it suggests that intrusions aren’t welcomed.

If these ‘don’t disturb me’ signs are evident, then it’s very simple: don’t disturb them unless absolutely necessary!

8 – Don’t sales pitch to your fellow workers

It’s ok to talk about what you do and the products or services that you offer. However, frequently putting the hard sell on your fellow workers is likely to annoy them.

One of the many benefits of coworking is the business relationships and synergies that can develop, but don’t try and force it through pushy sales pitches.

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  1. Amanda Davis
    Amanda Davis

    Coworking is the new trend in workspaces because of the benefits it brings. However, this comes at a trade-off of your overall privacy, working without distractions, and working with complete strangers. That is why it is important that we need to practice proper etiquette. Thank you for sharing these tips with us!

    1. coworking.com.au
      coworking.com.au Listing Owner

      Great points Amanda, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We’re glad you enjoyed the article!