Still on the fence about coworking? Our list may sway your decision!

21 reasons why you should use a coworking space

  1. Autonomy. Coworking spaces allow you to work where, when and how you want to. This is one of the many reasons why coworking is ideally suited to freelancers.
  2. Flexible hours. Most coworking spaces are accessible 24/7, providing ultimate flexibility to work at the times that best suit you. No more working ‘9-to-5’ (unless you want to of course!).
  3. Location, location, location! It’s highly likely that coworking spaces will afford you a much better location than a home office would. Coworking spaces are usually more conveniently located for client meetings, ducking out to a local cafe, etc.
  4. A more professional setting for meeting with clients. No need to hurriedly wipe your kids’ breakfast off the dining table (and walls?) – use meeting rooms at coworking spaces instead!
  5. Reduced operating costs (e.g. no expensive office leases or expenditure on office equipment).
  6. Reduced risk. For startup founders, there’s always a risk that the venture ultimately won’t succeed. Taking on an expensive office lease and spending money on office equipment and fit-out, can actually increase that risk. Arguably, that money could be better spent elsewhere, on activities such as recruitment and marketing; expenditure which would make a far greater contribution to the potential success of the startup venture.
  7. Synergies from working near or with other business operators and staff. You may find expertise or services that can help grow your business.
  8. Collaboration opportunities. You may find other business operators to collaborate or partner with.
  9. Social interaction. Working from home or as a sole trader can be isolating at times. Coworking spaces often have a range of social activities on offer, such as Friday drinks, yoga classes or movie nights.
  10. Less distractions compared to working from home. Worry about the laundry pile when you get home, not when you’re trying to work!
  11. Nicer digs. Coworking spaces put more emphasis on aesthetics, such as indoor plants and artworks; and also offer amenities not typically found in traditional offices, such as gaming areas.
  12. Work-life balance, or in many cases work-life integration. Coworking spaces can make it easier to tailor your work activities around the rest of your life. Achieving a more harmonious mix of work, play and home-life can deliver enormous benefits, such as reduced stress and improved health and wellbeing. Many coworking spaces offer health and wellness activities, such as yoga classes and on-site gym facilities.
  13. Find new clients. Increase your chances of serendipity! Your fellow workers may become customers.
  14. Expand your professional and personal networks. Coworking means being part of a community, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to meet new people.
  15. Find new team members. Coworking spaces can be a great source of new talent for your team.
  16. Inspiration! Working in a coworking space can provide some extra motivation compared to working from home. For a start, you’ve made the effort to get there, plus you don’t have all the distractions of home (see our earlier point on distractions). Working around startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and other go-getters can be very motivating; seeing others busily working away can help spur you on.
  17. Access to additional services, expertise and development opportunities. For example, a coworking space may offer workshops on financial records, business mentoring sessions, etc.
  18. Location and footprint flexibility. Unlike a long term office lease – you can shift location and increase or decrease your footprint (e.g. number of desks) at any time. Traditional office leases often require a commitment of 3-10 years. Most coworking spaces offer daily, weekly and monthly rates – so you’re not locked in to one premises for a multiyear lease.
  19. Exposure to industries, products and services that you may not otherwise interact with. This could provide valuable information that you would otherwise not have come across.
  20. Casual dress. Depending on your industry and target market, you may be able to change ‘casual Friday’ to ‘casual work week’.
  21. Work from anywhere. When your business or career is adapted to coworking, you can typically from coworking spaces all around the world. Sick of the winter weather? Why not work from Bali?!

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